The Bench | A Schweitzer Creative Film

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I had the idea for this short film my Sophomore year of college. I wrote out an outline of the story and estimated a 30 minute run-time. I anticipated that the film could be expanded upon to be made into a full length feature, if I so desired.

Little did I know that just the opposite would happen. The Schweitzer Creative decided to enter into the 2017 SATO48 film festival and my story idea is what we decided to go with. Unfortunately, SATO’s rules require the films to be no longer than 5 minutes.

So KJ Roelke and I turned the outline into a script that we estimated would turn into a 10 minute film and then we planned to cut some scenes to reach the 5 minute limit. And then we spent 48 hours filming, editing, creating music, and more.

The version of the film we turned in for the contest was not so great. All the cuts we had to make really made the film suffer. So after the contest, we made an extended cut and that is what you can see here!