At the start of each project I will work with you to help you identify and clearly communicate the message you and/or your company are trying to convey. Throughout the work process, I will keep you updated on the project and give you the opportunity for your input, suggestions, and approval. Below are some examples of the services that I offer, if you are looking for something that you do not see listed there, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your specific project to see if I am what you are looking for!


  • Promotional Video/Advertisement
  • Short Film
  • Interview/Documentary
  • Videos for businesses/churches
  • Music Videos

Graphic Design

  • Event Promotion & Invitations
  • Advertisements
  • Album Artwork
  • Branding/Logo Design
  • Brochures & Signage

Web Design

  • Website Design & Development
  • Wordpress ┬áSite set up, customization, and management
  • Banner Ads
  • Mobile App Design (not programming)

Live Video Production

  • Video Production Directing
  • Camera Operation
  • Video System Maintenance
  • Live Web Streaming for events

Motion Graphics

  • Promotional Video/Advertisement
  • Lyric Video
  • Motion Graphics for other videos
  • Motion┬áLogo Design
  • Infographic Video

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