A Realistic Worship Song

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To the ends of the Earth, I’ll go.
Memorize every verse, I know.
I’ll tell the world about the Holy Ghost,
By sharing that Facebook post.

I’ll give my money to the poor, if I’ve got spare change at the store.
I’ll teach the world what I’ve been taught. But realistically, probably not.

I will live my life for You, O God, as long as it’s not too hard.
I’ll shout Your name from the mountain tops, by singing Newsboys in the car.
You gave me everything, and I give You back what I can spare.
I promise You all I am, as long as I know people won’t stare.
I over-promise and under-deliver, to the King, the Great I Am, the Holy Deliverer

Maybe there’s something more realistic that I can promise You.

I will try to follow You.
I will pray each day.
I’ll do my best to read Your Word,
And do what You say.
I won’t lie, I won’t steal.
I promise this is real.
I’ll do my best to honor You.
No matter how I feel.
The least I can do is tell the world what you’ve done for me.